You Can Shop Beyoncé’s Red Carpet Outfit At Topshop


appearance at the Nightcrawler premiere is teaching us a thing or two about red carpet style. Never did we think the scarlett carpet was a place for double denim (or, as we prefer to call it, the Canadian Tuxedo), nor did we believe any A-lister could pull it off. Step forward Beyoncé, then, to unapologetically show us that not only are we wrong, but that she is also a fabulous poster girl for the benefits of rocking your jeans to the power of two.

Bey posed up a storm with husband Jay-Z and (a very serious) Jake Gyllenhaal, showing off her super skinnies, slouchy shirt and Louboutin booties. All topped off with a black fedora. Mrs. Carter, you’re blowing our minds. Because not only did she manage to pull off this comfy casual look at a glitzy film premiere, but we also have a sneaking suspicion that those jeans are Topshop’s finest. Considering the announcement of Beyoncé‘s collab with the high street hot spot, this makes a lot of sense.

Being the lovely people that we are, we have recreated Queen B’s outfit for you, so all you need to do is click below to buy. So really, it’s a no brainer. And that news might even cheer up Jake Gyllenhaal….

By Hannah Banks-Walker