You Can Get These A-List Designer Watches At Argos


Our wrists look set to get a whole lot prettier thanks to Tabitha Webb. Designer to the starry likes of everyone from Miranda Kerr and Emmy Rossum to Pippa Middleton and Kelly Brook, Tabitha has created an eight piece collection of chic timepieces, titled ‘Tabs’, which are available at Argos. Yep, she’s hitting the high street, and we couldn’t be more excited.

With beautiful rose gold finishes, leather straps and elegant details, these watches make for some serious arm candy- and all from just £89.99. We headed down to Tabitha’s London store to swoon over these beauties in person, and caught up with the designer herself. She told us all about ‘Tabs’, which A-list lady she’s obsessed with and exactly why that Miranda moment was so crazy…

Tell us a bit about the collection and how it came about?

Well, I wanted to be more of a lifestyle brand and design more than just the dresses, and I just got on really well with the team at Dreyfuss & Co Watches. They suggested I launch a kind of diffusion line, which is how we came up with ‘Tabs’. And we decided to have a really classic day-to-night collection of watches, which hopefully we’ve achieved!

How did you decide on your final designs?

We thought we’d do eight styles, four with bracelet straps and four with leather. Dreyfuss guided me on the bracelet style because they said it’s a bestseller at the moment. I just got really excited about it and thought it’s really fun to be a watch designer, it’s something a bit different.

Did you have any occasions in mind when creating them?

I think there are watches to wear on the red carpet, for evening, to the office and with daywear. Everywhere, really! And they’re all waterproof, so you could even go swimming with them, basically do whatever you want. I put one of my prints on the face of all the watches, too, which was an important detail for me.

How did Argos get involved?

They sort of approached us and it just seemed like a brilliant way to get the watches out to more people. Tabs is more accessible than my main line because the price points are more affordable, so I’m hoping we get some new customers. We’ve already had such a good reaction, it’s been so surprising. Even people in the US have been buying them!

Can you see your celebrity customers wearing any of the different styles?

I hope so! I will let them choose which they like best. A few people have some already, and Sinitta even popped into the store the other day. It was amazing, I love her! I hope all of my celebrity fans will have a watch, that’s my plan.

Are there any famous faces you’d love to see in your creations?

I really idolize Kate Hudson, I’m a bit obsessed with her. I would love to see her in my clothes. Or Gwyneth Paltrow. I just love the LA girl, really. Kate, Gwynnie and Cameron Diaz would be amazing. And Drew Barrymore. Actually if I could just go on a girly night out with them that would be my dream!

Miranda Kerr wore one of your dresses last year, and the reaction was amazing. Did it have a big impact on the brand?

I’ve been really lucky, and to have Miranda wearing one of my designs was just incredible. It spread so quickly within 24 hours! It was the opening of Victoria’s Secret so it was quite a big event, and we just had such a surge in interest in the brand. It was amazing. 

Are there any other areas of design you’d like to try?

I do now see myself as a watch designer. It’s great. I think I’d like to design a car next. Maybe not a whole car, but the gear stick or something!

What do you think makes the perfect watch?

Simplicity is important, I think. I feel like these are really classic and elegant and didn’t want to do anything too off the wall for my first collection. I never want my watch to make the most enormous statement. But having said that, the next collection I’m working on is a bit more adventurous. I think they’ll maybe reflect my clothes a bit more because the colours are quite bright, but shapes are still quite classic.

Do you have a favourite style from the collection?

I would wear them all. My favourites are probably the plainer styles with the white leather straps. I think they’re great gifts because a watch is probably a bit more unexpected. I really hope the Look readers like them!

By Hannah Banks-Walker