You Won’t Guess Which Major 90s Accessory Just Made A Comeback…

Could this be the ultimate comeback kid of fashion accessories? That's right; yin-yang jewellery is back...

With the return of chokers, slip dresses and acid wash denim, it’s fair to say that fashion is well and truly feeling the vibes of the 90’s right now…. not that we’re complaining, of course.

We’ve stocked up on enough chokers to sink a ship, so we’re excited to know that there’s yet another 90s add-on we can add to our accessory arsenal.

But just when we thought we’d seen it all, we spied a very familiar piece of bling that we thought we’d relegated to our past. Not that we don’t have fond memories of this particular 90s phenomenon, but we simply weren’t expecting this. What are we talking about? Brace yourselves: yin-yang jewellery is back.

And guess who’s spearheading this resurgence? Alexa Chung, obvs. Over the past few weeks, Alexa has rarely been snapped without her retro ring. She’s literally been wearing it with everything, too:  from high street to Chanel Couture and everything in between.

Bootie cool ? @chadmooreholla

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Alexa also showed it off with a jacket from her new Marks and Spencer collection, which naturally only helped to heighten our excitement levels.

Inevitably, we’ve also spied a whole host of influencers showing off their yin-yang jewels on Instagram, too. The likes of super blogger Veronika Heilbrunner and Andrea Vandall have both been jumping on this 90s bandwagon.

⬛️? #mfwbyheilbrunner

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Thankfully, we can all follow Alexa’s lead from as little as £6 thanks to an array of yin-yang treats on offer.




Charm, £89, Thomas Sabo. Necklace, £6, Accessorize. Ring, £27.95, Amazon.

And it’s not just yin-yang jewellery that has made a comeback; we’ve spotted the classic Chinese symbol on everything from bodysuits to skirts, too.



Dress, £17, Motel. Bodysuit, £19, Topshop.

Who’d have thought? Don’t mind us, we’re off to raid our childhood jewellery boxes.

By Catherine Delves