12 Reasons Working Out With Your Other Half Is The Pits

When it comes to gymming with your other half, there really is nothing worse. Here’s exactly what goes through the mind of every girl when by some unfortunate event they end up having to do so:

1. They’ll see you at your very, very worst. Blood, sweat and tears. Please let it be over.

















2. You’ll have to learn to master sweating, breathing and talking all at once.

3. There’s nowhere to hide all your lumps and bumps. Nope, gymwear is NOT FORGIVING.




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4. He will plague you with guilt if you make an excuse to get out of your gym date. ANYTHING is better than sweating in front of your man.

5. There will always be one super fit super hot girl there to show you right up and make you feel absolutely awful about yourself.
















6. You will have to shell out for some cool gymwear that you will never EVER wear again. Who knew Nike was SO expensive?!

7. You will have to pretend that you’re having the best time ever when really you feel like you might as well be in hell.











8. You can’t wear any make-up. And if you do, it slides off within a matter of minutes. Benefit, you have failed us.











9. All those hot men you’d usually ogle at? Totally off limits. (Unless you spy your man eyeing up some of his own eye candy, obvs).

10. When he wakes up full of energy the next day, you have to hide your pain and pretend you’re equally as sprightly and ready to face the day. Kill. Me. Now.
















11. You can’t binge eat like you usually would afterwards. No guy wants a pig for a girlfriend, ladies.















12. You’ll have to find a way around showing him all those impressive moves you bragged about doing (and probably have only ever watched in an Instagram video). 5kg weights, anyone? And what on EARTH is a TRX band?


One last point to remember: Unless he wants a sweat-urated hand, DO NOT LET HIM SLAP YOUR BEHIND.