11 Things Not To Do At Your Work Christmas Party

Hoorah! The work Christmas party has arrived.

A time for unlimited vino, dancing around the tree and for you and your colleagues to unite as one under the mistletoe. Too far?

Okay, so that might not always be the case. In fact, there are quite a few things that could (and probably will) go wrong amongst all the festive merriment.

Here’s exactly what you should and shouldn’t be getting up to…

1. Don’t snog your boss. Need we say more?































mean girls hiding dear god embarassment














2. Don’t get so wasted that your assistant has to carry you home. All that hard work earning yourself respect will come crashing down. Down the toilet, gone.










dance dancing party wtf drugs
















3. Don’t tell anyone about your massive crush on the post-man. You won’t be able to stop blushing every time he brings a delivery.
















smile suits romantic harvey specter sarah rafferty





















4. Don’t tell your colleagues what you really think of them (if it’s bad). You will never – I repeat, never – live it down. And everyone else in the office will know about your nasty streak before you even arrive the next day.
















drunk whatever eye roll sex and the city satc

















5. Don’t tell them you love them either, unless it’s your work wife. Trust us, the feeling is almost definitely not mutual. Awks.















saturday night live drunk kristen wiig sleep bridesmaids


















6. Don’t ask for a pay rise. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn’t make you invincible, and asking for a pay rise while intoxicated is probably going to diminish the likelihood ten-fold.

















celebrities miley cyrus embarrassed embarrassed grin


















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7. Don’t divulge office secrets. You’ll quickly make a name for yourself as the office b*tch, and no-one likes one of them.










30 rock secret funny face liz lemon lips sealed











8. Don’t get so drunk that you vomit in front of everyone. Unless you’re actively trying to get fired.













tv friends party drunk drink


















9. Don’t think you’ve turned into Mariah Carey after two drinks and take over the karaoke mic. A video will be up on Facebook before you can say Hero.


















anne hathaway shut up embarrassed embarrassed princess diaries



















10. Don’t over (or under) dress. Nipple tassels? Too far.
















jennifer lawrence omg relatable so relatable embarassing





















11. Last but not least, don’t turn up drunk the next day. A hangover is fine, but there’s only one way dribbling at your desk is going to end – and that’s through the nearest exit.


















funny fashion sick the devil wears prada emily blunt




















Merry Christmas, ladies! Our gift to you is having a job to go back to next year.