You Won’t Believe This £25 Chloé Bag Copy


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Like diamonds, designer bags are also a girl’s best friend. But, unfortunately our bank balance just doesn’t quite agree with us *sigh*

The Chloé ‘Faye’ bag has been a strong fave since it hit the spenny shelves, and it’s been instagrammed 44,000 times since then. So yea, it’s safe to say everyone is obsessed with it.

However, unlucky for us all the small one will set you back a cool £930 and the large one is a mega £1,300.


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Unless you’re willing to miss rent for a few months, and be content with beans on toast for the rest of time, then we suggest you take note of this alternative that you won’t believe isn’t actually the real deal. Shh, we won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

Topshop always saves us from every potential fashion mare, and this time they’ve gone one step further with a Chloé dupe that’s so dreamy you’ll want all 4 colours (it comes in red, tan, black and cobalt, FYI).

When we spotted it on our weekly, OK daily, look on the Toppers website we couldn’t help but do a double take. The sleek two-tone style, chain handle and oversized hoop detail looks so damn glossy.

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We never thought we would say it, but we’re not bothered about being a #ChloéGirl now, we’re sticking to high street. Fake it ‘til ya make it, right gals?

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Topshop bag

Red ‘Remy’ bag, £25

Black ‘Remy’ bag, £25

You better be quick to get your mitts on this gorge new arm candy now, we predict an instant sell-out.