What This Woman Just Did Will Make You Love Your Body

It’s only Monday, but it’s been quite the week for feminism so far! Earlier today, we brought you the story of Kiran Gandhi, who ran the London Marathon during her period without a tampon. This was all in the name of raising awareness for women in the world who don’t have access to feminine hygiene products, and due to the publicity which has flowed (no pun intended), she’s definitely achieved that. But that’s not where doing it for the gals has stopped – the latest publicity stunt (not to mention a very cold and brave one) comes courtesy of a stranger who, out of the blue, decided to stand almost-naked in central London. Yep, yesterday, an unknown woman stood in the middle of Piccadilly Circus wearing nothing but a black bra, black pants and a blindfold and asked strangers to draw hearts on her as they passed by.  She had previously suffered from an eating disorder and also has had issues with self-esteem, so decided to make a stand for all the women who have experienced similar feelings in their lives. Go girl!

> Passers-by draw on the unknown lady

Standing behind a white board, the woman opened her arms and hands, which were clutching a selection of pens, and openly offered the public to come and draw hearts on her. Very trusting (not to mention very chilly), we think what she’s done is amazing. In case you’re wondering, the white board said: “I’m standing up for anyone who has suffered with an eating disorder or self-esteem issues like me. To support self-acceptance, draw a heart on my body.”

> We hope that wasn’t too ticklish…

Unfortunately we missed the chance to draw a heart, but plenty people got involved and showed their support for her ingenious one-woman campaign. Major props to the lady for her bravery. By the end of the day, we hope she had more hearts on her than Paperchase on Valentine’s Day – and managed to get home to enjoy a warm cuppa and a blanket.

By Hannah Brimson