Um. Could This Be The *Worst* Plus Size Advert Of All Time?

Want to know how NOT to market plus size clothes? Well, here’s your answer.

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The people over at Hello Giggles have uncovered a pretty disturbing listing for a pair of leather shorts, which basically shows a slim model wearing one of the legs as a skirt. Um.


This image was found on shopping website/app Wish. And what we want to know is, how was this ever signed off?

To make it clear, Wish is simply selling these shorts on its app. The brand isn’t listed so it’s not clear who actually approved the idea.

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But (as Hello Giggles points out), it’s a shame that the employees in charge of deciding what gets sold on Wish didn’t have a few questions about how blimmin’ OFFENSIVE the photo is.

Firstly, it’s clearly demeaning to those they’re trying to sell the shorts to. We mean, they’re basically making a joke out of their figures, right?


Then there’s the small fact that it doesn’t even – in ANY way – show how the garment would look on someone with a plus size body.

Personally, we think this is a huge step back for plus size fashion. We really hope someone realises the error of their ways and rectifies the issue soon.

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