17 Winter Struggles That Are All Too Real

Let’s face it, when the chill sets in, your wardrobe suffers. No matter how hard you try to look chic, the cold, rainy, windy and downright horrible weather is bound to try and ruin all things stylish for you. Here’s why we can’t wait for this season to be over.

1. However amazing your dress is, you have to completely ruin the entire ensemble by wearing thick black tights.

2. But when you try to cheat and opt for nude, you never get the right shade and always end up looking like you have someone else’s legs.

3. You then spend the rest of the day pulling up the tights that are slipping down your legs. And this happens whatever size you buy.

4. You might as well put your heels away for the season.

5. And anything that doesn’t cover your ankle – that’s half your shoedrobe gone then.

6. Say goodbye to your suede.

7. Getting ready in the morning takes twice as long because you have to put on so many layers.

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8. Which means you have twice as much washing to do.

9. It’s impossible to move in all your layers.

10. And once you get in from the blistering cold to the furnace that is a train, you wish you could take every single one of them off.

11. Once you’re back outside, the sweat you developed on the train freezes.

12. You just can’t stop itching itching itching from that lovely mohair jumper you just bought.

13. Don’t even get us started on hat hair.

14. You have every intention of looking your best but when you get out of your warm snuggly bed you just put on your cosiest – and inevitably ugliest – outit. This happens every single day for the next 6 months.

15. On a summer night out, you are free. In winter you have to carry a coat around with you all night, ruining it in the process by dragging it along the vodka-soaked floor. 

16. And you’re more than likely to strangle yourself with your scarf at least once this winter.

17. Wet clothes, wet boots, wet socks.

Basically, bring on summer!