Will You Be Buying The New Apple Watch?

Apple Plan to Launch An Apple Ring

We all know Apple love to release a new product just as we’ve got our heads around what’s currently on the market, and yep they’ve gone and done it again. Hot on the heels of the launch of the Apple watch this March, today it has been announced that Apple will design a smart ring.

The next logical step in its expansion in wearable tech, the patent the company has applied for sounds very similar to the apple watch, but, well, a lot smaller. A mini apple watch as such. Apple’s reasoning behind the new product is that current phone touchscreen devices “may be cumbersome, inconvenient, or inefficient for certain tasks and applications”. Hmmm. Will you be buying into this new piece of tech?


It’s the most anticipated watch release of all time and it’s nearly here, but will you be wearing the Apple Watch?


Here at Look we love a new piece of gadgetry to get geeky about, but honestly, we’re not sure about wearing our iPhone’s on our wrists. It’s just a bit too practical and frankly, we spend enough time on our phones as it is. But with over 900,000 tweets about the impending launch in the last few days, we reckon there must be something about the Apple watch that’s luring us all in. So we’ve embraced our inner techy to give our verdict on whether we’ll be wearing the Apple watch or sticking to our Casios.




First things first, what does it actually do? Simply put, it sort of does all the things your phone can do – receive txts, notifications and emails, but it’s also got a few sneaky tricks up its sleeve. Ranging from your ordinary wearable tech features like fitness tracking, to super useful apps that let you pay for things using just your Watch and send audio snippet replies to messages, to downright weird, but totally fun, apps that let you send your heartbeat or a hand drawn sketch to a fellow Watch wearer. Conclusion? Useful, fun, but perhaps not essential, and our Olivia Burton wrist adornments are still much prettier.

> Customise your Apple watch with Mix Your Watch, photo c/o Mix Your Watch


Ok, but what if it looked a little nicer? Apple might be tech at heart but it’s clearly trying to take strides into the fashion world. Revealing that the Apple Watch will be sold in luxury department stores Selfridges and Dover Street Market, Apple is obviously trying to reach a slightly more stylish customer, after all, a watch is an accessory, not an iPhone. We’re listening…

Acknowledging our need to personalise and prettify, unofficial watch customisation website Mix Your Watch has launched a site revealing the different strap and case combinations that can be applied to the Watch. With sixteen different straps in leather, rubber and steel and metal casings that come in a lust-worthy rose gold, perhaps Apple are more sartorially savvy than we give them credit for.

Unsurprisingly, the chic customisations will cost you a pretty penny. With prices starting around £280 soaring up to a whopping £18,00 for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, when April 24th comes around we might just treat ourselves to that rose gold Michael Kors bit of bling we’ve had our eye on for ages. It’s practically a bargain in comparison. Now that’s what we call being tech savvy.

By George Driver