You Will Not Believe These LOL High Street Buys

Everyone has a lot of say about them…

There’s many trends that come and go that we all know just weren’t meant to stick around, like the return of the chain mail crop top for example (soz Paris Hilton circa 2002) but there’s some that just shouldn’t happen in the first place (we’re looking at you Topshop suspender jeans, yep really!)

Zara has to be the Queen of shoes and this time they’re making there own hybrid to make our lives that little bit easier…

Zara shoe

Shoes, £55.99, Zara

All the street style set are obsessing over the socks and shoes combo, so Zara has made a new way to wear them with their court heels that already have a sock attached – yep, this is happening and we can’t help but actually want a pair.

But we have 1 very important question, how would you ever wash your socks? We don’t know the answer to this, but we do know that if we can save on doing laundry then we’re 100% sold.

Zara aren’t the only high street giants that have been daring in the wardrobe department, Topshop has been getting quite a few tweets about their most recent pair of jeans, but is it a denim update too far? We’ll let you be the judge of that…

The mom jean can be a tricky one to pull off with their baggy leg and tight in some may say all the wrong places style making them unforgiving. But, what would make them even trickier is if you throw in some suspenders in to the mix. And we can only imagine this is the challenge the design team at Toppers wanted to set.

They’re a hybrid between denim shorts and those denim thigh highs we’ve all seen Kim K sporting, and well, there are no words. Apart from, is there really any need for chilly thighs? We think not.

We’ve also spotted some other trends on the high street that are making us have a little lol, and these include Zara’s mismatch mules. Yep, that’s right you actually buy a pair of odd shoes, and wear them together.

The street stylers have been doing it so apparently it’s a thing. Well, our nan has been known to leave the house wearing an odd pair so maybe she’s more stylish than we originally thought? But, again, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Zara shoes

And one last one, Lazy Oaf’s pink furry dog face jacket with love heart buttons. Yep, you read that right. All of the above are part of one coat that’s available at Asos for, wait for it…£200. At least it’ll get you noticed, right?

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Asos jacket

Enjoy the LOL on us.