Katy Perry with kittens on the shoot of her Pepsi Superbowl vid

Will Katy Perry Be Wearing McDonalds At The Superbowl?

What do McDonalds, Spongebob Squarepants and Barbie have in common? They’re all high fashion muses, if you’re Jeremy¬†Scott that is. So it’s no wonder that BFF and fellow cartoon crazy fan Katy Perry has confirmed the outlandish designer as the lucky guy to create her Superbowl half-time performance costumes.

Having teased us with tidbits about her much-anticipated performance for months now, Katy has finally revealed that Moschino’s Jeremy Scott will be designing her costumes, along with a few interesting ideas of her own. Reportedly Perry wants to cover the stage in edible, yes edible, glitter, and possibly have a pegasus join her on stage (we’re not sure if that’s a thing either). Nothing’s too out there for our Katy, she even suggested wrapping herself in bacon. Our favourite popstar and our favourite breakfast food? We’re all ears.

But it’s not all mad ideas. We’re super excited to see what amazing costumes Jeremy comes up with for our fave pop star. If the Pepsi Superbowl teaser vid is anything to go by then it could be anything from the gold embroidered tracksuits from his Adidas collab to rainbow glitter space suits. We’re not ruling anything out. This California gurl could be rocking the golden arches and Barbie handbag before we know it. Quite fitting for the most American event of the year we reckon.

By George Driver