Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams have already signed up for the film

Amy Adams And Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In Tom Ford’s Next Film

In what might be the greatest rumours of all time, it has been suggested by The Hollywood Reporter that Tom Ford’s next directorial project will involve none other than George Clooney. According to the reports, the fashion designer is due to get behind the camera again to direct Nocturnal Animals, an adaptation ofthe novel Tony And Susan written by American author, Austin Wright.

That’s not all. Apparently, Tom wrote the script himself, and while nothing has been confirmed, Smokehouse Pictures is going to produce the film. And guess who owns Smokehouse Pictures? Yep, it’s George, along with his producing partner, Grant Heslov. Cue fangirl screams.

As yet, there’s no word about whether George will have a starring role in the film but what we do know is that Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal have been snapped up for the leading roles. The former Gucci boss finally confirmed the news after weeks of speculation in an exclusive interview with ES Magazine.

Never one to take his foot of the pedal, the 53 year-old is set to film Nocturnal Animals in a tight six-week window. He’s already set up a film-editing suite at one end of his fashion studio in London so he can keep designing collection in between.

“I don’t think of that as multi-tasking,” he says matter of fact. “I’m in the editing room and all I’m thinking of is that and “OK, right, it’s one o’clock, now I’m focusing on shoe heels – don’t talk to me about the bags because it’s shoe heels right now.” I have to focus.”

In a rare insight into his world, Ford speaks candidly about how becoming a father changed his priorities. “It’s stress worrying and thinking about your child, which takes your mind off your work or what you’re doing that day or what such-and-such said that p***** you off because you’re thinking about your kid. It’s a break from yourself.”

Fatherhood has managed to calm his self-confessed obsessive tendencies too. ‘I cannot believe it! I mean, I used to just live for decorating. Our houses were flawless…I think for some gay men, their houses become their children,’ he says. ‘It was the case for me, but I just don’t care as much any more.’

As relaxed as he may have become, Ford never does anything by halves so we have seriously high expectations for Nocturnal Animals. His directorial debut with A Single Man back in 2009 won rave reviews and leading man Colin Firth even walked away a Best Actor Oscar Nomination so the sky’s the limit.

The countdown officially begins…