Why We’re Still Loving Tom Hardy’s Old Myspace Snaps

If you haven’t seen Tom Hardy’s old Myspace profile yet, where have you been?

The dashing actor’s old social media account has come back to haunt him with hilarious snaps of the actor surfacing all over the web this week. It reminds us that even the coolest of Hollywood hearthrobs weren’t always quite so slick, and perhaps, that we should all head off and deactivate our old social media accounts…

Describing himself as “a goldfish walking through a desert”, Mr Hardy warned his pals, “My head is like a dangerous neighbourhood I should never be in it without an appropriate adult. Left to my own devices, I’ll crash the motor.” And this is what happened when he was left to his own devices…

1. He posed in orange Y-fronts and a cap…

> Tom Hardy showing off his orange undies.


2. He shot an underwear campaign in his kitchen. David Gandy eat your heart out.

> Tom Hardy posing in slightly baggy undies.


3. He cooked “a turkey yo”

> Tom Hardy taking a selfie with his turkey.


4 He challenged Kim Kardashian to the best celebrity selfie ever. Did he really have to put his hands down his pants though?

> Tom Hardy’s amazing hands-in-pants selfie.


5. He just had the best time ever. On the phone, in a wig, whatever he did, Tom didn’t look too much like his head was a “dangerous neighbourhood”.

> Tom Hardy having a great time on his Myspace page.



If all that has brought your Tom Hardy crush to a screaming halt, then reignite it by remembering that time he was a total feminist. Ah, all is right in the world again.