Why We’re Crushing On The Voice’s Ricky Wilson

After livening up our Saturday night’s with his cheeky chappie personality for the last little while, we’ve developed something of a soft spot for The Voice judge Ricky Wilson.

Ricky Wilson and Fellow judges Ricky and his fellow The Voice judges.


The Kaiser Chief, who has just split up with his girlfriend of five years Lesley Williams (yes, we are sad for you Ricky), has been catapulted into the primetime TV stratosphere since becoming part of The Voice’s judging panel alongside Tom Jones, Rita Ora and Will.I.Am. Apparently Ricky and Lesley’s separation was down to Mr Wilson’s new-found fame, and the fact he felt ‘uncomfortable’ dragging his partner into the frenzy surrounding his dizzying popularity. Sheesh, poor guy

From grungy beginnings playing sets at Glastonbury and Ibiza Rocks with band the Kaiser Chiefs, Ricky has transformed since becoming a Voice mentor. He’s lost weight, smartened up his act, and rocks a tailored suit seriously well. Contestants have fallen over themselves to become part of Team Ricky, and we’re secretly backing him too. (Soz Tom, Rita and Will)


Team Ricky Ricky took to Instagram to rally support for his two The Voice finalists.


You can’t deny that Mr Wilson is a smashing reason to stay in on a Saturday night, so in celebration of The Voice live finale this weekend, here’s five reasons why we really heart Ricky Wilson. The wee charmer.


1. The Suits

Will.I.Am can keep his daft hats – The Voice is all about Ricky’s sharp tailoring. Pocket squares, brogues, the boy knows how to work a three-piece suit, and we likey very muchly. We bet he smells great too.


Ricky Wilson Wearing a Suit Ricky Wilson always looks great in a suit.


2. He’s BFF’s with Rita Ora

There’s no denying that Ricky and Rita have shared some serious on-screen chemistry since this season of The Voice started, but Ricky insists that they are ‘just mates’. However, he has said that Rita makes him feel ‘younger and naughtier’. The minx.


Ricky Wilson and Rita Ora Ricky escorts Rita to The Voice launch earlier in the year. What a gent.


3. He loves to jog.

Hey, we always give props to a fella that follows a fitness routine, and Ricky, 37, is worthy of our respect. He runs every day and admits that it’s helped him to lose weight. Well, it’s definitely working Ricky – you look great.


Ricky Wilson likes to run. Ricky often posts ‘keep-fit’ snaps on his Instagram.


4. He’s a bit of a Thespian.

Ricky Wilson had bit parts in both St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold AND Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. They’re like, our fave movies. He also appeared in a recent stage adaptation of War of the Worlds. Cool huh?


Ricky appearing in War of The Worlds Ricky as The Artillery Man in War of the Worlds.



5. He loves crisp sandwiches…

Need we say more? Pop round to ours anytime Ricky and we’ll whip you one up for lunch.


Ricky loves crisp sandwiches Ricky shares his love of crisps on Insta. A boy after our own heart.


(Oh, FYI. Ricky also has a selfie with the Spice Girls. Hashtag amazing)


Ricky with the Spice Girls Ricky with the Spice Girls at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. Great selfie opportunity.