Why We Think Lena Dunham’s Lingerie Picture Is Amazing

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Lena Dunham shared an Instagram shot of her in her underwear yesterday. It’s now racked up nearly 90,000 likes. And we’re about to give you one more reason to love it…

Sure, the Girls creator has always been our go-to girl when it comes to body confidence, with her no-nonsense, love-me-for-who-I-am attitude inspiring us to be that little bit prouder of our lumps and bumps.

And her fearless lingerie snap, which shows the actress posing in her green Loney Lingerie bra and knickers in her bathroom with wet hair and not a scrap of make-up on, gave us all another reminder that we should all be celebrating our gorgeous bods a lot more.

lena dunham in tight workout leggings and a crop top Lena Dunham has always been our go-to girl for body confidence


‘Love my @lonelylingerie and I think I will wear it to dinner with some boots & a smile because we are all very lucky to be free,’ Lena captioned the image. 

Obviously, the picture got huge praise on Instagram, with tonnes of female admirers rushing to compliment the star. ‘So proud of you… Showing the world real beauty,’ wrote one.

‘Love it! You are so beautiful in your power,’ gushed another.

the lonely girls project The Lonely Girls project was founded by lingerie designer Helene Morris


But what you might not know about Lena’s lingerie pic is that it’s actually part of a whole bigger body confidence movement, created by the underwear label itself.

The Lonely Girls Project is a creative Instagram-based movement that celebrates amazing women, and was founded by Lonely Lingerie (the brand Lena’s wearing) in New Zealand.

Created in 2009, the label started out with a simple motto: ‘No padding, no push ups, no thongs.’ And now, it’s inspired a movement that encourages women to pose in their lingerie not to impress men or come across as sexy or sultry, but purely to celebrate themselves and their beautiful bods.

the lonely girls project Will you be joining The Lonely Girls Project?


‘When we launched Lonely we couldn’t name a single lingerie brand who was talking solely to women with their imagery, it was very much opinionated body typing targeted to men’, founder Helene Morris tells i-D. ‘This traditional way of marketing lingerie didn’t seem honest, it didn’t resonate with us and we didn’t believe it resonated with our customer.’

‘Our idea was to take away all expectations of how you “should” or “need” to look in a product and focus on how our lingerie makes you feel. This feeling transcends the stereotyping you see pushed upon women everyday all over the world.’

the lonely girls project The Lonely Girls project has the aim of encouraging women to celebrate how lingerie makes them feel, not look


She adds: ‘We wanted to represent women in a positive and powerful way. We want women to look at our imagery and realise that they don’t have to be a certain way to feel beautiful. We simply wanted to offer the idea that it’s okay to be yourself.’

We reckon that sums up Lena in a nutshell. Join in the movement and celebrate your ladyhood with some sexy new lingerie (and if you’re brave enough, pap it for Instagram.)