9 Reasons Why Lorde Is *Totally* Awesome

Lorde turns 19 today (yep, we can’t believe she’s that young either), and to mark this momentous occasion we thought it was about time we celebrated why she is one of our favourite young stars.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Lorde shot to fame at just 16 in 2012 when her debut single Royals hit the top of the charts across the globe. While for many stars, fame at such a young age may go straight to their head, the opposite has happened to Lorde. Let us count the ways why we love her…

1. She is HILARIOUS on Twitter.

Lorde’s Twitter feed proves she is just like us. Well, a wittier and funnier version…

> Lorde’s Twitter feed is full of LOLs

2. Even though she is now mega famous she doesn’t take herself too seriously.


Lorde pokes fun at herself on a regular basis.

3. She’s a proud feminist…

> Lorde with her copy of Rookie magazine


“I’m speaking for a bunch of girls when I say that the idea that feminism is completely natural and shouldn’t even be something that people find mildly surprising,” Lorde told Rookie magazine. Good on her.

4) ….and cares about being the right kind of role model.

> Lorde always speaks up for what she believes



“It’s so unhealthy for young girls to be listening to, you know: ‘I’m nothing without you,’” she said in an interview with Fader. “This sort of shirt-tugging, desperate, don’t leave me stuff. That’s not a good thing for young girls, even young people, to hear.” Refreshing indeed.

5) She’s even stood up against photoshopping.

> Lorde stood up to Hollywood airbrushing

“I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-)”, Lorde captioned this pic that she shared via Twitter. Lorde is a breath of fresh air.

6) She counts J-Law as a mate.

> Lorde and J Law are BFFs


Lorde curated the soundtrack for of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and naturally Lorde and Jennifer forged a strong bond. J-Law even admitted in an interview that when Lorde first visited the Hunger Games set that she “totally fanned out.” Could we love these two any more?!

7) She’s got seriously good trouser suit game. And gets extra points for totally nailing the goth yet glam beauty look.

> Lorde always looks impeccable on the red carpet

8) And we can’t forget that she is MEGA talented…


The 27 million people who’ve bought her first album can’t be wrong.

9) … AND she’s got the gongs to prove it. Lorde has so far racked up two Grammys, a Brit award, a VMA and three Billboard Music Awards. But being Lorde she plays it massively cool, obvs.