Why Today Is The Best Day To Wear Your Flip Flops

We’re all for a bit of body confidence here at the LOOK HQ, and we’re not just talking legs, bums and tums. Nope, today is National Flip-Flop Day (yes, it does exist) and in celebration, we’re backing Ipanema flip-flops’ 
#GetYourSocksOff campaign.


OK, we admit, toes can be pretty cringe-worthy – especially the hairy, nail-curling type (who remembers the Guinness World Record for the longest toenails?!). Sorry, we’ll stop now. Our point is, no matter how embarrassed of your tootsies you may be, you’re definitely not alone. So, alongside Ipanema and DJ Sarah-Jane Crawford, we’re encouraging you and your pals to post your very own 


feetfie, in a bid to embrace every part of your bod.


The campaign comes after the backlash against Protein World’s ‘beach body ready’ poster back in April. Featuring a rather svelte bikini-clad blonde (and adorning pretty much every underground station in London), the poster spurred thousands of women across the nation to take a stand, once and for all.  


We don’t know about you, but a quick slick of our favourite polish always makes us feel more summery in an instant. Go on ladies, it’s #feetfie time. 


By Bridie Wilkins