The Awesome Reason People Are Dropping Condom Bombs On Their Heads

At first we wondered if people had just got the wrong end of the stick when we heard about the latest challenge sweeping Instagram (or the wrong end of the body) but it turns out the #condomchallenge is all in the name of promoting safe sex.

Yep, with the popular ‘ice bucket challenge’ long gone, the latest internet awareness challenge people are trying out is dropping water filled condoms over their friends heads. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s totally happening and all to make a point about safe sex – so a pretty worthy cause then!

The premise of the challenge is filling a condom with water and then dropping it over your mates head. Simple. If it works correctly the condom should retain the water inside and enclose the persons head – we’re not sure why it just does! The idea behind it is if a condom filled with water can fit around your BFF’s head and not break, it should fit any guy’s special part, so there’s no excuse for unsafe sex.

> #condomchallenge


Although the challenge only surfaced a mere few days ago there are already thousands of videos posted online with #condomchallenge. It’s  thought to have all kicked off in Japan and has rapidly spread around the world, with teens everywhere trying out the fun (if not slightly dagerous) challenge and creating hilarious videos in the process. The hashtag’s already gone viral and we predict every one from your mate, to your brother, to your next door neighbour will probs be jumping on the bandwagon some time in the near furture.

Meanwhile a twitter campaign has kicked off to try to create an official safe sex emoji… 

It all looks a bit cray cray and kinda dangerous if you ask us, but hey, if it’s for a good cause