Why Our New Special Issue Is NOT To Be Missed

Ask any of your friends to champion her brilliant bum or fantastic feet and you may get a nervous laugh. At best, she may whoop about her wobbly bits… but will she actually shout out about them – loud and proud? Sadly, body positivity doesn’t come naturally to most of us. And yet if we think of all the hours we’ve all wasted worrying about waistlines and thigh gaps, wonky noses and bums…This is time that could have been spent taking over the world! Or on Netflix. Or better: BOTH.


Insta-famous model Iskra Lawrence stars on one of our three special covers this week

Simply Yours Bikini Top, £20, Simply Be

Simply Yours Bikini Bottoms, £14, Simply Be

We here at Look are on a mission to help you beat those demons once and for all. Your body is yours, and only yours, and as such you should own it. To celebrate our campaign, we’ve teamed up with Simply Be + three Insta-famous cover stars – models Iskra Lawrence, Ali Tate and Sinead – all of us making it our mission to champion real women’s bodies. We do hope this special issue – and Look’s year-long Love Your Body campaign – will inspire you too. Tell us what you love – or are learning to love – about your body on Instagram @Lookmagazine #MyBodyMyLook


Ali Tate rocking a Simply Be bikini on one of our three special covers

Simply Yours Bikini, £35, Simply Be

PS You look great – pass it on.


Model Sinead sizzles in a Simple Be bikini on one of this weeks special covers

Simply Yours Bikini, £35, Simply Be

Our cover star Iskra Lawrence, 25, caught the world’s attention when she hit back at bodyshamers by posting a video of her rolling around in packets of crisps. Now, she’s on a mission to change how we feel about our bodies, one crisp packet at a time…

How did you get into modeling Iskra?

I started at 13 but got dropped because my hips were too big. After that I tried extreme dieting and exercise. When I heard about plus size, I was annoyed that I was too small for that and it was the final straw, and I was like I’m going to be a size 14 and prove everybody wrong.

When do you feel at your most confident?

Being on set is a powerful moment for me because for so many years I was told I wasn’t good enough and my size wasn’t right. So for a brand to put you in a bikini and say we love you for who you are, I feel so empowered.

There’s a lot of focus on the word ‘plus’ in this industry – what should we be saying instead of the word plus?

Ideally nothing. My problem with the word plus is that it’s a label. And I think we label people too much.

Have you been a victim of bodyshaming?

I’ve had really misogynistic, disgusting comments or ‘you’re promoting obesity’.

A comment like that – how does that make you feel?

I usually ignore it. It was only that one occasion recently with the crisps video whereI took it as an opportunity to stand up and turn a negative into a positive.

There’s been a lot of criticism about how we’re losing the real values of femisism and focusing too much on nudity. What do you think?

I feel like we should encourage nudity in the sense of appreciating a woman’s body as more than just a sexual object. When we shot the Look cover in Lanzarote with Simply Be I was thinking ‘this is amazing, look at all the differences’. We should be growing up seeing that.

What’s your main ambition?

I want to encourage education. Health is not a size. I want to change the conversation. It’s about setting realistic goals of just being the best version of you.