Why Kim Kardashian *Really* Got Her Hair Cut Short

Kim Kardashian had a hair snip last Friday, unveiling her new ‘do on Instagram with the caption: ‘I cut my hair short today.’

The 34-year-old then displayed her new lob at the Grammys, texturing-it-up and ending with a tousled, side-swept style that left us swooning.

And now we know which sister inspired her new short do. ‘I think I wanted a change and Kylie inspires me a lot’, she told MTV News. ‘Kylie used to have her hair like this and then she went long, so I just felt I needed to switch it up a little.’

Kim’s stylist and faithful member of her glam squad, Gregory Russell, also revealed the secrets behind her surprise snip.

‘Kim came to me looking for a shorter look and after several different length reference photos, we decided on a blunt, textured shoulder length bob with a heavy side bang’, he told Fashionista.com. 

‘She just wanted a change, she wanted a new look’, Michael Silva, who styled Kim’s hair for the awards do, added. ‘The Grammys is a big event and she was excited and inspired to come out with something new. Just a change, something fresh.’ 

So, was she nervous?

‘Oh my god, yeah’, Michael revealed. ‘Very nervous! But she’s so happy she did it. She loves it. We’re so used to seeing her with big bombshell hair. The styling seems edgier now.’ 

So what brought about the big cut? ‘With the haircut, our inspiration for the look was that fashion muse, Kate Moss, for the Grammys. Our inspiration was some editorial images I had pulled of Moss.

‘[Kim] was so glamorous with the gown that we wanted to keep it fashion-forward. A cool, fresh, timeless kind of girl.’

To achieve Kim’s tousled, textured look, Michael used Shu Uemura’s Ample Angora mousse as a base when wet, before adding a Kerastase serum and a little bit of Bumble & bumble Surf Spray. He finished off with the new Kardashian Pure Glitz hairspray to set the look. 

So no regrets from the queen of extensinos? ‘Sheloves it’, Michael finished. ‘I think she feels really liberated. There’s something to be said about a woman who can cut her hair short. It just signifies an inner confidence.’ 

‘When a woman cuts her hair short sometimes she doesn’t feel as glamorous, but to me it’s just as glamorous. It’s more confident. [Kim]’s so confident.’ 

A smart move all round, then.