Why Jennifer Aniston Hates Skinny Jeans And Dry Shampoo

Thought you knew everything there was to know about Jennifer Aniston? Think again, because the 46-year-old actress has just made some surprising fashion and beauty confessions.

The former Friends star sat down with Bobbi Brown and Yahoo! Beauty to spill all about fashion, health and fitness – not to mention her recent wedding to Justin Theroux. And it was great.

Here’s what she spilled:

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jennifer aniston in gold dress Who knew Jen was so adverse to a pair of skinnies?


1. On her wedding

We were determined to keep it just private and to ourselves. And the thing is, we haven’t even seen pictures. But, you know, it was just everything we wanted it to be, and [we are] very happy that we didn’t have to see our faces on the cover of a magazine.’

2. On her dislike of skinny jeans

‘My husband loves me in skinny jeans… I personally love a nice flared option, kind of a ’70s vibe or a ripped-up jean or something that’s kind of loose.’

jennifer aniston and justin theroux Jen admits she hasn’t even seen her wedding photos yet… Say what?!



On dry shampoos

‘When I use them I always feel like I’m putting baking soda in my hair.’

4. On her #1 skin trick

‘I always give myself a good steam. A hot steam, or I have an infrared hot box that I love that always gives me an extra boost or an extra glow to my skin… I usually do it right after my work out.’

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jennifer aniston  then and now Jen says she’s not a fan of dry shampoo, but she still uses it like the rest of us


5. On working out

‘A really good workout is something that always gets me going. Gives me oxygen and brings my chi right back to where it should be… I’ve been doing this crazy spin class and then a yoga class.’

6. On cheat days

‘Whatever my guilty pleasure is in terms of a greasy meal or some sort of saucy, salty or savory. I’m not much of a sweets person, so my treat would never really be sweets.’

jennifer aniston in a sequin champagne dress It’s savoury all the way when it comes to Jen’s cheat day…


7. On her signature style

‘What works for me as far as my style is usually that I don’t change it very often. I just try to stay really comfortable. I don’t try and follow trends because it just always feels inauthentic somehow.’

8. On shoes

‘Once I find a beautiful wedge, I will never, ever, ever let it go.’

jennifer aniston  in a white top on a chat show When it comes to shoes, Jen prefers heels over flats every time…