Why It’s Dangerous To Make Your Bed Every Morning

For all you slobs out there, we’ve got some ah-mazing news: Making your bed is officially bad for you. 

Yep, now you’ve got a legitimate excuse when your mum/dad/boyfriend/mate is giving you an earful for leaving your bedroom so messy. Because actually, SCIENCE says no.

Unfortunately, the reason why it’s advisable not to make your bed every morning is slightly terrifying. Let us explain.

We’ve all heard of dust mites – you know, those little insects that feed off human skin? (We’re sorry, we’re shuddering right now too). Well, about 1.5 million of these tiny critters live in your sheets. True story.  


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And according to those clever experts at Kensington University, they love warm, damp environments. Which means that every time you wake up and make your bed, you’re giving them the perfect breeding ground to hide in.

This is because we all sweat overnight, and pulling the duvet across in the morning simply traps in all that moisture and prevents your bed from properly drying out. Ew.

So what’s the solution? Well, youre advised to leave your bed unmade for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE to let your sheets breathe. Ideally, the 2005 study says, you’d never make it. But they said when you get home from school/uni/work is fine. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty stoked about this surprising news.

No more bed bugs and an extra five minutes every morning?! Win.