Why Facebook PDAs Are *Great* For A Relationship

We all know one of those Facebook couples, right? You know, the ones who constantly take over your news feed with their sickly-sweet PDAs.

You might even be in one of these relationships (if so, *major* apologies for calling you sickly). And in which case, we have some good news…

Some may think that those who splash their private moments all over FB are doing so to hide insecurities, or because they feel like they have something to prove.

Could they be making up for a lack of intimacy in real life? Are they looking for approval from their friends?


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Well. No, apparently. It turns out these lovebirds are probably just genuinely incredibly happy.

According to a new study, those who boast about their relationship on Facebook end up staying together longer. But how did they come to this conclusion?

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison asked couples a number of questions to find out details of their romance and their levels of commitment.

They then examined their ‘friendship activity’ on Facebook. The team found that those who continued to communicate on the site had a stronger partnership.


This is because public posts likely ‘induce participants to perceive themselves as part of a romantic unit, thus cementing the relationship’.

The university’s Catalina Toma tells DailyDot.com: ‘We were interested in applying this to relationships and to the idea that if you declare your commitment publicly, you might perceive yourself as more committed to that partner.

‘People declare their love, they make vows in front of friends and family, they take photographs, and they exchange rings.


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‘Online claims are very meaningful psychologically, and I think a big reason for that is the access to this diverse and wide audience.’

We think it’s time to brace yourselves for some SERIOUSLY smitten Facebook updates…