Why Being In A Relationship In Your Twenties Is The Best

If you’re currently with boyfriend, you’ll be familiar with the many, many perks that come with being in a relationship.

Don’t get us wrong, being single can be GREAT. You have zero ties, can stay out dancing until 7am as many times as you like, and the flirting opportunities are endless.

But being in love is one of those rare, magical feelings that just seems to make the whole world seem that bit more brilliant.



Yes, these boys can drive us totally crazy, but when you find one that fits, it can change everything.

Here are 17 reasons why being in a relationship is the bomb.

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1. You always have someone to listen to your waffling. ‘Did you know that a bunch of bananas is actually called a hand?! This changes EVERYTHING.’

2. Duvet days. Need we say more?



3. You have constant access to an endless supply of oversized, slouchy jumpers. Good job the boyfriend fit is still in.

4. Birthdays and Christmas = WAY more fun. Because, presents.



5. Sex on tap. Minus the awkward fumbling and ‘getting to know each other’ parts.

6. He’s always got your back. Whether it’s encouraging you to go for that promotion or supporting you through a difficult time, your man sees life through a lens of what’s best for you.



7. Those days of supermarket shopping hell are over. Because he’ll always help you carry your bags home. Win.

8. He will feed you tea and stroke your hair when you’re poorly. And you don’t even care that you’re rocking sweats, no-make-up and a Rudolph nose.



9. You can rely on him to be the most honest outfit critic ever. Whether you take his advice or not, you know he’ll give it to you straight. eg. ‘Did you know those mum jeans make your bum look like a pancake?’ THANKS.

10. Double dates. Severely underrated. Double the laughs, double the alcohol, double the fun.



11. Fancy a naughty takeaway? He’s in. Dominoes Tuesdays are ALWAYS welcome.

12. The LOLS. Inside jokes, shouting at the TV during Dragon’s Den… They’re your hilarious partner in crime, and you know just how to make each other giggle.



13. It’s way cheaper to rent. Sharing a double room = more money for ASOS.

14. You can feel smug when your friends moan about their terrible dates. You couldn’t miss Tinder less. Thank God those days are over. 



15. He helps you to rationalise your crazy moods. No, you do not need to delete everyone off your FB and move to Antigua. It really will be fine.

16. You can go out and actually enjoy your girl time without constantly scanning the room for your next date. Suddenly, nights out are much simpler.

17. You get to live with your best mate. Who just happens to be really, really hot.