Here’s Why Bridesmaid Dresses Are The Same Colour

Weddings have tonnes of weird and ancient traditions, but there’s always one that’s baffled us – just why do bridesmaid dresses all have to be the same colour?

We mean, it’s not set in stone, but generally, brides and grooms stick with this tradition and go through the predictable trauma of finding a style and shade to suit all four/five/six bridesmaids… *Groan*. 

We’d assumed that this was put in place simply to make the bride look all-the-more dazzling. But no.

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Actually, the truth behind the tradition is something completely different altogether… And it all dates back to the Ancient Roman times.

Thanks to a site called Mental Floss, we’ve discovered that back then, the bride and her bridesmaids ALL wore the same dress to a wedding. Why? To act as decoys. 

Yep, get ready for the creepy reason behind the unwritten rule, because this was done to confuse evil spirits who might want to gatecrash the wedding. 



And even weirder, it was also a tool employed to throw off the scent any lingering men who had been rejected by the bride-to-be and who might still be a tad angry. Eep.

The theory was, the gaggle of identical ‘brides’ would distract any ill-wishers for long enough for the wedding to go ahead.

By the Victorian times, the superstition had worn off a bit, leaving brides free to wear more elaborate frocks than their bridesmaids. But the matchy matchy looks for the bridesmaids still stuck.

Crazy stuff, huh? You really do learn something new every day…