So *This* Is Why Your Friends Lose Weight And You Don’t

Do you have a friend who can lose weight in a flash, while you spend months doing exactly the same thing and see no side effects? Well, it has just been revealed that there is a scientific reason behind this. (Not that that’s particularly comforting when you’ve spent a month on the cabbage soup diet and still can’t fit into your old jeans.)

The Washington Post has reported on a new study published in scientific journal Cell which found that different people react completely differently to exactly the same diet.

Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science discovered that although the 800 people in the study were eating exactly the same food, their bodies processed those nutrients in very different ways. With such vastly different blood sugar levels after consuming the same food, researchers concluded that things like the bacteria in your gut, exercise and other dietary habits can change how you actually break down your food.

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So essentially, although you are following exactly the same diet as your friend might be and are consuming exactly the same amount of the exactly the same food, your body will break it down differently and you will end up with different results.

It all sounds a bit hopeless really doesn’t it?

Well actually no, there are some elements of this information that we can tease out to make the whole situation feel a little less depressing. Basically, personalised diets are going to be your key to success. During the study, participants had computer-analysed diets show them exactly which foods made their blood level spike and they could then tailor their diet to avoid these foods.

Although we may not all have access to the luxury of computer-analysed diets right now, what we can do is pay attention to what we eat, see what works for us and what doesn’t. Or if you are really struggling to lose any weight no matter what you do, then it’s probably best to talk to your doctor.