This ‘Who’s The Mum?’ Viral Photo Is Blowing Our Minds

Soz ‘The Dress’, but there’s a new snapshot that’s taking the web by storm, and leaving people scratching their heads in bewilderment.

The new viral obsession to consume you this week comes in the form of a selfie of three beautiful women, and everyone is trying to work out which lady is the mother of the other two. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, not so much…

The picture, which was posted by Kaylan Mahomes, was accompanied with the caption, ‘Mom, twin and me’. Since she published the shot to her Twitter account, it’s been retweeted a colossal 19,000 and has an insane 32,000 likes as fellow Tweeters tried to guess who was who.

After gaining serious steam on social media, the trio have proceeded to post a funny video on one of their private Instagram accounts with the caption, ‘When your mum thinks it’s a picture…lol #whosthemom’.

We know what you’re thinking – who is the mum? Almost everyone mused that the first tweet was worded to mirror the line-up in the photo, making the mum the woman sitting on the left. And, as it turns out, it’s true! The woman herself confirmed it on an interview in the US. 

The mystery may be solved but there’s one this we still want to know – how can we get our hands on some of those flawless genes?!

However, being relentlessly compared to your mum isn’t all the viral LOLs it’s made out to be, as Look’s Senior Fashion News Writer, Maxine Eggenberger, knows all too well…

‘Ever since I hit my teens, not a family gathering/evening out/holiday goes by without someone commenting on the fact that my mum and I look very alike. Sure, we share the same DNA so thereshould be similarities – even I have mistaken myself for her in photographs – but it’s something that has increasingly bothered me over the past few years. At the risk of sounding bigheaded, I know my mum’s a total babe, but being compared to a woman 21-years my senior gets old. Really old. Don’t get me wrong, I seriously hope that I look half as good as her at her age but, right now, this is definitely a one-way compliment.’