6 Things You Need To Know About Sarah Snyder

There’s a new style star on the block. Yep, we’re talking about Sarah Snyder. Spotted at Coachella over the weekend in a fringed lace tank top, denim cut-offs and a pair of classic Converse, we had to know more.

So who is Sarah Synder? Well, Sarah was thrust into the spotlight when she started dating Jaden Smith (Will and Jada Smith’s 17 year old son) in May 2015, and the pair have been pretty inseparable ever since.Yep, she’s the one we clocked sitting on many a FROW during fashion week.

Here’s what we know about her so far…

1. She’s 21. We think. 

Sarah and Jaden


Much mystery surrounds this new star, including her age. According to her Explore Modelling profile she was born in 1995 making her 21 years old  – four years Jaden’s senior.

2. She’s a model

Sarah Snyder Look at that waist!


Her incredible figure, impressive pout and doe-eyed look probably gave this one away. There haven’t been any major campaigns just yet, but she sure takes a good selfie. Watch this space. 

3. She’s got a mega Instagram following

Sarah Snyder Sarah is a bonafide Insta-star



This brings us nicely onto our next point: she has a HUGE Insta following. A casual 600,000 followers to be precise…

4. She’s partial to a bit of PDA

Sarah Snyder Sarah and Jaden are not scared to share a couple selfie


Sarah and Jaden aren’t private about their romance. Just this weekend the pair were spotted all over each other at Coachella, and Sarah regularly shares snaps of her and her bae via Insta. 

5. Her style is on point

Sarah Snyder Sarah snaps a selfie in her new Vetements tee


From her Vetements DHL tee to her Gucci bucket hat, Sarah is totally clued up when it comes to the latest trends.

6. She’s the girl connected to that Hermes story…

Sarah was charged with grand larceny on June 15, 2015 by the Bedford Police Dept. in New York, for shoplifting a £11,000 Hermes bag, but the charges were then dismissed in February this year. Since then, Sarah has been spotted wearing a t-shirt featuring her own mugshot. Now that’s what we call a sense of humour. 

By Elizabeth Bennett