Who Beat Kendall And Cara To Be The Most Googled Model?

Photo: Rex

At the end of each year, Google compile their ‘Year In Search’ report which aggregates what we were all asking the search engine throughout the year. In the world (wide web) of fashion though, there were a few surprises.

We would certainly have pegged Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner to take the top spot as the most talked about models of the year.

With Kendall propelling from reality TV star to supermodel stardom in 2014, it seemed like a sure thing. From her first catwalks with Marc Jacobs and Giles back in February to her Estee Lauder contract, three appearances in American Vogue  and walking in pretty much every major September show, we saw her taking the top spot.

If it wasn’t her then surely it would be her best friend (and rumoured soon-to-be roomie) Cara Delevingne.  Cara had a stellar year too – from designing her very own Mulberry bag, her DKNY collection, becoming the face of Topshop, her super duet Burberry campaign with Kate Moss and winning Model of the Year again at the British Fashion Awards (not to mention her numerous successful acting appearances), there was no slowing Miss. Delevingne down either.

However, much to our surprise, it was actually the stunning Kate Upton who took the top spot for most Googled model of 2014.

The beauty beat the likes of Mossy, Gisele and Miranda Kerr to be the model we were most intrigued about in 2014. Kate fronted British Vogue for the second time in June in an unforgettable Mario Testino shot where she donned a Dolce bikini. She also starred alongside Cameron Diaz in Hollywood hit ‘The Other Woman’, was the video game vixen in Game Of War, became the face of Bobbi Brown and showed off her perfect bod on the cover of Sports Illustrated. When you really think about it, it’s no surprise really that we spent 2014 googling her.

The most googled term in fashion this year? Unsurprisingly it was fashion world’s obsession ‘normcore.’ Jennifer Lawrence was the most googled celebrity and the most googled fashion designer was actually 19-year-old Bethany Mota – an American vlogger who collaborated with Aeropastale.

Who do you think we will be googling in 2015? And what will the fashion world be bringing us next? We can’t wait to find out – bring on 2015!

By Amy de Klerk