Whitney Port Defends Her Pale Skin In The Best Way

Whitney Port is a total stunner.

We’ve been following the star on Instagram ever since she left The Hills for fashion and beauty advice, but if there’s one thing we’ve always noted, it’s how incredible her skin is. 

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Super clear and dewy, and with not a pore in sight, it really is the skin of dreams. But in a shocking new Instagram post, the former reality TV star has felt the need to out her haters.

Because in fact, while we’ve been busy gawping at Whitney’s gorgeous no make-up selfies, others have been busy repeatedly slamming the star for looking ‘ghostly’, ‘anaemic’ and ‘dead’ without make-up. WOW.



But she’s not taking it anymore. Posting a close-up of her skin looking particularly flawless, Port explained that she’s finally proud of her skin after years of battling acne. 

‘So I don’t want to come off as preachy AT ALL! But lately, when I post a pic of myself without makeup on @instagram, people hate- telling me I look dead or anemic or whatever! Over it!’ she wrote. 

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‘I struggled with my skin A LOT growing up. I had terrible acne throughout high school and college and finally got it under control in my mid 20’s. I’ve learned that keeping it healthy and clear is mostly due to keeping it clean.’ 

‘So goodbye haters! I’m gonna embrace my bare, colorless, pale and ghostly skin because I don’t need to hide behind anything. I urge all you out there to not be afraid of showing that beautiful, bare face of yours to the world.



She continued: ‘Join me and tag all your clean skin selfies using the hashtag #OurCleanSkinIsIn Let’s do this!!!’

We love that Whitney spoke out to hit back at her Insta-trolls. Because seriously, do you people have eyes?!

We’d give anything for a fresh-faced glow that gorgeous. Damn.