Whinnie Williams Takes Us Festival Shopping

If we had to pick, we’d say that Whinnie Williams would be a pretty great festival friend. Not only does she know her way around- she’s been living the festival dream since she was 16 and has even performed at her fair share, too- she’s also got a girl squad consisting of Millie Mackintosh, Zara Martin and Daisy Lowe, to name but a few. That’s a girl gang we want to join.

And when she’s not, you know, being a pop star, Whinnie can be found showing off one badass wardrobe on Instagram. With that in mind, we couldn’t think of anyone better equipped to talk us through her Glastonbury essentials. And where did the singer want to go to unearth her brand new festival wardrobe? New Look, that’s where. Clearly, she’s a girl after our own hearts.

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We can see why, too. Metallic frocks, embroidered shorts, Bardot tops, camo jackets and velvet caps are just some of the highlights from the current haul. If they don’t say festival style pin-up to you, then we don’t know what will.

Not only did Whinnie stage her own mini fashion show for us, she also answered all our burning questions about her favourite festival memories, her most memorable style disasters and what it’s really like to perform to a crowd that big.

You can watch the video above to get inspiration for your own festival wardrobe, which you can then shop at New Look. What could be easier?

Keep an eye on our Snapchat and Instagram over the weekend for all the Glasto action. It’ll be like being there, but without the mud.