Which Surprising Kim Kardashian Body Part Do People Want Most?

Kim Kardashian‘s bum has probably been the biggest talking point of 2014. But actually it’s her nose that everyone’s coveting… Who knew?!

The most-requested celebrities for cosmetic surgery transformations are in, and Kim has topped the charts as the number one inspiration for those having nose jobs. 

With that infamous derriere having had so many hours in the limelight lately, it’s a refreshing change to see one of Kim’s other assets being talked about.

Megan Fox and TOWIE’s Lauren Pope’s sniffers came in at second and third, with Angelina Jolie nabbing fourth place.

And coming in at the top spot for most requested boobs and body? It could only be Michelle Keegan

Well, after seeing this picture, we’re totally with the majority…

John Ryan, chairman and founder at MYA, explains: ‘It’s common for our patients, both male and female, to bring photos of celebrities to consultations to show us the look they’d like to achieve.’

By Robyn Munson