Quiz: Which Grease Girl Is Your Soul Sister?

Grease pretty much encompasses our first love.

Who didn’t have a crush on Danny Zuko? He taught us that it’s ok to go for the bad boy. Sometimes. 

Grease Danny Zuko


To celebrate one of the most iconic films, well, EVER, we’ve designed a super fun quiz to help you connect with your inner Pink Lady. 

So. What are you waiting for? 


1) What’s Your Dream Date? 

a) A make out sesh in the back of your date’s super flash motor

b) A trip to Five Guys. Why choose between a cherry soda or a milkshake, when you can have both?

c) A Tinder date

d) Dessert wine and twinkies in the park

Grease movie


2) What’s your most used emoji?

a) The sassy hair flick

b) A heart 

c) Scissors

d) A burger

Grease cheerleaders


3) What best describes your type of guy? 

a) The bad boy 

b) The guy who’s sweet only when he’s with you

c) The older man 

d) The awkward one

Grease Danny and Sandy


4) What are you most likely to wear? 

a) Shorts and my boyfriend’s leather jacket

b) Leggings 

c) A cocktail dress

d) Bunches

Grease Rizzo


5) Which is your favourite Grease song? 

a) “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”

b) “Summer Nights”

c) “Beauty School Dropout” 

d) “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee”

Grease movie Frenchy


6) What is most likely to be found in your handbag? 

a) I don’t carry a handbag

b) Bobby pins 

c) Hairspray 

d) Twinkies


7) What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? 

a) My partner gave me a hickie (ickie) 

b) My boyfriend pretended not to know me. Sob. 

c) My hair came out a completely WRONG shade of yellow #HairFail

d) The hairdresser cut my fringe wonky 




Mostly A – You are Rizzo 

You’re a tough cookie who’s just looking for a good time. But you don’t have your closest friends fooled – you’re a senstive soul deep down too. 


Mostly B – You are Sandy 

You’re looking for Mr. Right, and understand it might not be smooth sailing on the path to true love. At the end of the day, you’re willing to make compromises to secure the man of your dreams. 


Mostly C – You are Frenchy

You’re easy to get along with and are quick to make friends. You’re still not sure where you’re going in life, but you’re young so who cares? 


Mostly D – You are Jan

You love to goof around and are super laid back. You’re the one your friends rely on when they need some comfort. 

By Laura Jane Turner