15 Times When You Know You Have A Work Wife

1. You are inseparable. You go for tea breaks together, lunch together and even stay joined at the hip during the office fire drill.

2. You text each other all day every day about every teeny tiny little thing that happens in the office.

3. You go to your work wife immediately after finding out any piece of gossip, no matter how trivial.

4. Whatever issue you face at work, you turn to your work wife immediately to help you. And they always know what to do.

5. When you stay late, your work wife stays late. 

6. You miss her at the weekends. Sometimes on a Sunday night, you even want to go back to work. (Kind of).

7. You have more inside jokes with your work wife than you do with your best friend or your actual partner.

8. If your work wife goes to lunch with someone else, you have every right to KICK OFF.

9. And when you find out they’re off sick, you react like this.

10. And then their two week holiday comes around…

11. But when they come back and everything seems alright again.

12. At office parties, you spend the whole time getting drunk with your work wife and telling them that they are your work wife.

13. Your boyfriend is beyond jealous of your work wife and rolls his eyes every time you mention her name (which is alot).

14. Your work wife is there to prep you for whatever might be thrown at you.

15. But most of all, your work wife makes a tough day in the office feel a bit like this.