What’s Wrong With This Vanity Fair ‘Late Night TV’ Photo?

You know when a picture gets innocently posted to Twitter, but actually ends up causing a flood of complaints to roll in?

Yep, well that’s what happened when Vanity Fair tweeted a link to their ‘Why Late-Night Television Is Better than Ever’ feature, along with a picture of the ‘titans’ of nocturnal TV.

Take one look. Notice anything missing?

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Well, Twitter did. Because the all-male line-up only highlighted the gender inquality that’s still very present in comedy and late-night TV. 

‘I like how Vanity Fair leaned into the 50’s sexism of late night by making the photo Mad Men-themed’, tweeted one outraged user. 

‘He-man woman haters club of late night’, comedian Ken McGraw Jr hilariously photoshopped over the top of the image.



What got people riled up even further was the fact that female comedian Samantha Bee’s new late-night show, Full Frontal, will debut in January. Oh, and Chelsea Handler’s hugely popular Chelsea Lately wasn’t included either.  

Instead, there sat a boys’ club of Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, with Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore being the only two people of colour.

Bee replied hilariously, editing herself into the shot with massive laser eyes and writing: ‘BETTER’.

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In defence of VF, the accompanying written piece inside did acknowledge the lack of women in late-night comedy.

‘What’s conspicuously missing from late-night, still, is women,’ wrote David Kamp. ‘How gobsmackingly insane is it that no TV network has had the common sense — and that’s all we’re talking about in 2015, not courage, bravery, or even decency — to hand over the reins of an existing late-night comedy program to a female person?’

That’s exactly what we, and thousands of people on Twitter, would like to know.