WATCH: What To Wear… To Meet Your BF’s Parents

Meeting your other half's parents for the first time and wanna make the right impression? Just follow our failsafe guide to getting your outfit just right...

Ok, there are no two ways about it. Meeting your boyfriends parents for the first time is pretty much a big deal. You want to look good, ok, let’s be honest you want to look great. Actually scrap all of the above you want to look utterly fantastic!

You need something that makes you look gorgeous, but not sexy! Fashion forward, but not scary and ideally wholesome/marrying material /lovely and possibly most importantly ‘the one’! You’ll have an afternoon of trying to smile at his dad’s unfunny jokes and compliment his mothers cooking, so the least of your worries needs to be, whether your shoes go with your bag, or the dreaded ‘tugging at your too short skirt, that you didn’t realise was too short before you left the house!’ HELP!

So, what on earth are you going to wear? If you are someone that lives in jeans and flats then that’s totally fine. Maybe to feel a little bit more polished switch out your slides and ripped up band tee for a simple pump and pretty shirt. If his parents are taking you out somewhere fancy then a gorgeous dress and a respectable heel is definitely your best bet! We’d say, leave your body con dress and 5-inch heels at home on this occasion.

This might be easier said than done, but try not to stress out too much! Keep your outfit simple and just be you! There’s pretty much no out outfit faux pas that can’t be disguised with good manners and a big smile. Good luck!