Anne Hathaway ruled workwear in The Devil Wears Prada

What To Wear To A Job Interview


If ever there was a time that first impressions really do count, it’s a job interview. Yep, while we’re not denying the fact that a good outfit probably isn’t enough to bag you the job of your dreams, it sure will help. Whether you like it or not, the second you walk into the room your future employer will judge you on your appearance, which is where we come in. Putting our expertise to good use (excuse us while our heads defloat), we’ve compiled a whole load of interview looks guaranteed to score you instant brownie points. Take note..

The first thing to bear in mind is that no matter what the job you’re applying for, you should always go formal. I repeat, always. While you might spend the rest of the time in a pair of tatty old overalls once you secure the position (gardeners, I’m looking at you), it’s probably best not to do so for the interview. As well as staying smart, there are a few other rules you should follow too..

Comfort is key

Rumour has it that buying something new is the sole solution to smashing a job interview. Abort mission. If there’s a fail-safe option hanging in your wardrobe, we’d recommend going for that. Jazz it up with some new accessories, if you so wish, but take it from us, you’ll feel more confident in something you know fits well and looks fab.

Choose colour

This is especially important if it’s a creative role you’re pining for. Resorting to black tells an employer you like to stay in your comfort zone, which isn’t going to help build the profile of a company. More often than not, companies like to hire people based on their personalities, and not just their skills, so colour can be a good way to show them that you’re fun and willing to stand out.

 The little things matter

As much as you might hope they won’t, an interviewer will notice everything from a mark on your shoes to a crease on your shirt. Chipped nails are a huge no-no, too. Make sure you are in tip-top condition and don’t leave it until the last minute – it’ll make you feel a lot more confident.

Got all that? We’ve put together a compilation of outfit builds just for you. Enjoy..

Cropped pink kick-flares, £38, River Island

White shirt, £28, Marks & Spencer

Black neck bow, £8, River Island

Black ankle sock block heel, £69, Marks & Spencer

Jacquard weave peplum top, £29.99, H&M

Jacquard weave skirt, £24.99, H&M

Glitter paper necklace, £8, Miss Selfridge

Silver heels, £38, ASOS

Animal print coat, £129, Marks & Spencer

Black flare trousers, £69, Mint Velvet

Burgundy sheer shirt, £17.99, New Look

Carvela black embellished court shoes, £129, Debenhams