What To Wear In The Rain

Tackle a downpour with serious fashion cred with our foolproof guide on styling out the rain...

We’re in the thick of summer but that doesn’t mean its time to pack away you’re brolly. So what are the style conscious supposed to do when caught in an unexpected shower? Style wisely of course, as clever dressing can make rain storms a breeze.

We’ve chosen transitional items worthy or wardrobe wear all year round, beginning with the high top trainers.

Ah, the high top trainers, comfortable, classic and now your best buddy when caught in the thick of it. The high top works like a sporty version of the boot, tie them tightly around your legs with trousers tucked in and avoid damp ankles, also great for dashing over puddles and through crowds into warm dry retreats!

The trench coat, our ultimate choice for rain combat. Light enough to be used as an extra layer over a summer t-shirt and stylish enough to be a wardrobe staple.
Go for longer lengths for more protection and go up a size for an oversized look with room for extra layering during winter.

Look to the wide brim hat as your new umbrella, perfect for keeping your hair, face and shoulders dry on the morning commute. The wider the better but opt for stiff versions to avoid rain trickling down your back. Its hands free too – bonus points!

Cue our brand new video series What To Wear… Which is here to help you tackle all of your wardrobe dilemmas. Check it out above and prepare to look good, whatever the weather throws at you!

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