What The Nike Logo Really Means

There is no logo more iconic than Nike’s. There can’t be many people who don’t have something in their wardrobe (or shoe rack) emblazoned with this legendary symbol.

The Nike swoosh may be recognisable across the world but have you ever stopped to think what it might actually represent?!  Nope, us neither. Now, all has been revealed, and it may surprise you.

Thanks to the brand founder’s memoir we now know why. In Phil Knight’s book he explains that the ‘wing’ logo was in fact designed by a student who was paid just $35 for his work. The student chose the now iconic ‘wing’ because he thought it symbolised the speed of sound. 

Knight didn’t actyally approve of the design likening it to a checkmark but went with it anyways. 

“Nothing ever stands out and says, ‘Boy, that’s it!’ There’s not a ‘Eureka!’ moment, for me. In almost all these things, I just say, ‘Okay, that’s the best we can do, let’s go,'” Knight explained.

Plus, the company wasn’t even initially called Nike. The brand was originally called 6th dimension. Not so catchy, eh?!

Luckily an employee proposed another name: Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Fortunately for the brand they decided to stick with the name Nike and the swoosh logo. Both have proved popular with fans, and are now an integral part of their branding.