What The LOOK Team Learnt From Their Mums

From priceless beauty tips to unforgettable fashion advice and all-round life lessons, find out what the LOOK team learnt from their ever-so-clever Mums.

Laura Jane Turner, Freelance Digital Writer

“My mum is like a Masterchef judge – a real wiz in the kitchen! So she’s my go-to for ANY culinary problems. Whether I’m asking if I can defrost my fish in the microwave, or calling because I set my kitchen on fire, she’s always on speed dial…”

Robyn Munson, Senior Digital Writer

“If you ever run out of nail varnish remover, paint a clear topcoat on top of your chipped nails and rub off immediately with a bit of tissue. Et voila! Nail varnish gone.”


Rose Owens, Art Editor

“Two Mums that taught me things – a friend’s mum used to say, ‘There is a huge line of people in life waiting to criticise you… Don’t be first in the queue!’ And my mum, ‘A relationship is 100%  If you give 90% he can only give 10%. Give a little less. You’ll get a little more back that way.'”

Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher

“Trainers are for girls heels are for women, know when to wear them.”


Corinne Redfern, Features and Entertainment Editor

“My mum taught me to never accept presents from boys unless I actually liked them (the boys – not the presents). This was a painful lesson to learn. Mostly because it involved being forced into chasing down an 11-year-old boy who’d posted a bar of Galaxy through our letterbox (complete with love note), only to thrust it back in his face under my mum’s watchful gaze, and immediately run away. Whereupon I hid in a bush.”

Helen Francis, Office Manager

“A slather of Nivea cures everything…Oh, and never trust boys!”


Gemma Gow, Deputy Fashion News Editor

“To stop caring about what other people think, because you’ll never please everyone whatever you do!”

George Driver, Freelance Junior Fashion News Assistant

“Well when I was younger and ‘dating’ my mum would always say, ‘If they don’t drive and they wear brown shoes with white socks, dump them.’ Which I think is pretty inspired. Other than that, her general life motto, which I’m pretty sure she got from her mum is, ‘Don’t be Mrs Mouse’, which essentially means don’t sit there quietly, go out and get it. Anything from blagging your way into St Pauls when it’s actually closed or preparing for a job interview can be covered with that phrase. Genius.”

Erin Brockovich, the ultimate ‘Go out and get it’ gal, i.e George Driver

Maria Coole, Deputy Editor

“I learnt that every handbag should contain an emergency lippy in your favourite shade and a banana. Beauty and snack emergencies covered 24/7.”

Hannah Banks-Walker, Freelance Fashion News Assistant

“My mum taught me to love yourself, always be kind, and that sarcasm is actually hilarious.”

What did your Mum teach you? Get in touch and let us know! Happy Mother’s Day!

By Amy de Klerk