What January Blues? LOOK’s Tips For Keeping That Holiday Feeling

It’s that time again – you’ve finished off every box of mince pies in the house, stuffed yourself with chocolate and drunk enough alcohol to still feel hungover when you woke up this morning. Yup, it can only mean one thing: it’s back to hearing that early morning alarm and joining the dreaded commute to work.

But what if we told you that January doesn’t have to be miserable? From having a Christmas sandwich with your lunch to glamming up your workdrobe with some party clothes, turns out, it’s actually pretty easy to keep the holiday season going – even from your desk. Still not sure? Don’t worry – the LOOK team are on hand to get you started…

Corinne Redfern, Features and Entertainment Editor

‘I’m attempting all kinds of ridiculous resolutions this month (Veganuary, anyone?) so I’m trying to make them as fun as possible by hosting themed dinner parties every weekend. Probably served on paper plates to save on washing up.’

Rose Owens, Art Editor

‘I went for quite a few swims and saunas while I was on my break, so I’ll be looking into swimming laps as part of my health regime this January. Plus, my gym has a steam room – so I’ll be making Friday mornings my treat morning by relaxing with a sauna.’


Catriona Innes, Freelance Senior Features Writer

‘I’m actually excited about attempting dry January – there’s an alcohol-free bar called Redemption, which serves all kind of exotic mocktails – and I can’t wait to try it out.’

Tomasina Brittain, Picture Editor

‘I plan to spend one hour every morning outside, breathing in some fresh air and continuing my holiday dog walk/health regime. Oh, and I want to read a new book at least once a month, as I did before bed every night.’

Laura Crisp, Production Editor

‘I am still putting glitter on my nails because it makes me happy. And I’m still eating Celebrations every day, because obviously I don’t want my body to go into shock. I’m also going to carry on arranging nights out with friends who I don’t see enough of all year, but caught up with over Christmas. More nights out, more nice meals, more drinks.’


Amy Ward, Freelance Picture Researcher

‘I’m going to make physical photo albums and frame all of my favourite night out memories rather than just forget about them on my laptop.’

Helen Francis, Office Manager

‘I’ll be hitting Insanity classes three times a week to get ripped for summer… And then I’ll be treating myself to cheese and crackers when I get home!’

Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher

‘I want to keep in touch with my family more often, to keep the Christmas good vibes going!’ 


Leeanna Faulkner, Featu
res and Entertainment Intern

‘This probably sounds really strange, but honeydew melon always reminds me of being on holiday. It’s my absolute favourite thing to eat everyday when I’m somewhere hot – and after seeing one on offer the other day, I’ve started stocking up. So I’ll be munching on melon while I dream of being in the Caribbean.’

Emma Crompton, Acting Deputy Art Editor

‘I fully intend to continue eating cheese with every meal.’

Stuart Jones, Art Director

‘I’m going to wear a little paper party hat every day until February. (Not really, obvs). But every coffee will have a Baileys in it.’


Gemma Gow, Deputy Fashion News Editor

‘I want to get some fresh air every day in a vain attempt to recreate all the lovely walks I had by the seaside at home over Christmas. Plus I’m going to sign up to a new fitness class to keep my motivation levels up and work on my pre-wedding body.

Victoria Jowett, Beauty Assistant

‘Who says red lippie is just for Christmas? I fell in love with NARS Audacious Lipstick in Rita, £24, over the festive season, so I’ve decided to stick with it and rock a crimson pout through January too!’

Lucy Wood, Head of Fashion News

‘I’ll be lighting candles in my living room each night and getting cosy with a big blanket – instant calm amongst the storm!’

By Leeanna Faulkner