What It’s *Really* Like To Do Cara Delevingne’s Make-Up

Cara Delevingne‘s occasional make-up artist Lloyd Simmonds, has been spilling on what it’s actually like to work with the fun-loving 22-year-old British model. 

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the Yves Saint Laurent make-up artist revealed: ‘She’s so energetic, it’s sort of hard to get her to sit down’.

Explaining he’s about to jet to Australia to work with the runway beauty for four days next week, Lloyd said: ‘From a makeup artist point of view it can be a little bit difficult’. 

‘She’s on three phones, she’s always joking and she’s pulling faces all the time so it can be a little stressful in that sense,’ he explained, before adding: ‘But she’s always so sweet and she’s great to work with’. 

cara delevingne backstage at a catwalk show It’s no secret that Cara Delvingne loves to mess around backstage at shows


And of course, there’s one feature in particular that Lloyd always makes sure he pays close attention to…

‘You could put a lot of different eye makeups on her, that’s no problem. But the thing you always have to do is make sure that those brows are really in order,’ he explained. ‘They have to be groomed because when you have that important a feature you really have to groom it properly.’

So how does he get those super brows tame? Well, just with a little trimming and a swish of mascara to smooth them down.

We’ll definitely be trying this nifty mascara-ed brows trick tomorrow…