What It’s Like To Dress Carrie Bradshaw & Caitlyn Jenner

Patricia Field is known for being the fashion brains behind Carrie Bradshaw’s incredible designer wardrobe, having been the stylist for Sex & The City throughout the series and the films that followed – and just a few weeks ago, she had the opportunity to dress one of the most famous women of the moment, Caitlyn Jenner.

Speaking on the subject of shopping in an interview with Fashionista, Patricia let us in on many of her style secrets, including how she made a character so iconic through her wardrobe – and how we can do the same with our own. She explained how the right piece of clothing can have “many lives”:

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“In the very beginning of filming ‘Sex & the City,’ we were in Ina [a consignment store owned by a very good friend] – and actually Sarah Jessica Parker was with me – and we came across this coat and at that time it was the mid ’90s and this coat looked like from the ’70s maybe. And we pulled it and it became a classic piece that she wore – a lot more in the beginning – but we always were able to pull it out through the duration of the show. It became iconic, like the name necklace. Again, it goes back to that concept that I was talking about. If you have a classic piece, it can have many lives.”

> The iconic Carrie coat in question was worn again and again.

Patricia is now passing her stylish nuggets of info onto the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, who had one very succesful shopping trip in Ms Field’s New York store. Just a few weeks ago, Caitlyn emerged from the shop in one seriously sparkly mini skirt and heels. Patricia explained what happened in store:

“Well, Caitlyn Jenner came here the other day. That was so much fun. She was recommended by someone who works with her who is a very old friend and colleague of mine whom I respect very much. Caitlyn came in and she was wearing a classic DVF dress – one of the wrap dresses – and you could easily just see that what the person wears and go, oh, I’m going to show them things of that genre, but you know, you have to get to know them.

> Caitlyn Jenner entering the shop in a DVF dress and emerging in a sparkly skirt.

What was helpful with Caitlyn was that my friend and colleague was with her and knows Caitlyn better than I do on a first meeting. But Caitlyn was great because she was open. She wasn’t fearful and it was a brand new experience for her, but she was open to it and I think she walked out happy.”

Judging by how amazing that skirt made her pins look, we’re also pretty sure that Caitlyn walked out happy and we’re not really surprised considering she turned to Carrie Bradshaw’s stylist. We see another iconic wardrobe developing at the hands of Ms Field…

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By Amy de Klerk