What Did Poppy Delevingne Just Do For Christmas?

Instagram: @thelovemagazine

In case you hadn’t noticed, Love magazine has been providing us with a plethora of celebrities throughout December. We’ve seen Kendall getting saucy with Santa, Suki Waterhouse dancing with a Toblerone, and Kris Jenner, erm, dancing. But today, it’s the turn of a certain Delevingne sister.

No, we’re not talking about Cara. We are in fact referring to her older sister, Poppy, who can be seen perched in a white, cut-out swimsuit, bopping along to some festive tunes. We were almost put off our mince pies at the sight of Poppy in her skimpy one piece, showing us all what it means to be bikini ready all year round. But instead, we’re using her advent offering as our new year inspo, and we don’t have to worry about that for at least a week and a half.

So as you gear up for the last weekend (read: shopping opportunity) before Christmas is well and truly upon us, make a cuppa and enjoy Love’s first 19 days of A-list advent at your lesiure. We’d highly recommend starting with everyone’s favourite mom-ager, ringing in the 15th. Watch out Kendall, you’ve got competition…

By Hannah Banks-Walker