We’ve Got Your Summer Lingerie Needs Sorted!

I headed to Bravissimo because I was promised I would find my perfect bra, and I wasn’t left disappointed. The customer service is unrivalled, with a fantastic range of brands to choose from and amazing staff who do their best to find your perfect lingerie. Bravissimo is all about confidence-boosting bras to make you feel amazing!

It’s not about size – they don’t even use tape measures – it’s all about finding the perfect fit that’s comfortable for you. Whether you’re busty or not, Bravissimo are experts in the perfect fit. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not wearing the right bra size or that it doesn’t sit comfortably snug against your skin, then it’s time to get fitted because you’ll be amazed what a massive difference it will make to your body shape – meaning nailing summer’s key trends will be a doddle.

Here are the top tips the ladies of Bravissimo gave me for finding just the right fit!

1. The back band should be snug and comfy, and not riding up your back.

2. The wires should ideally lie flat to your breastbone – they shouldn’t stick out or dig in.

3. The cup should enclose your boobs. Even in a lower-cut style, you should always have a smooth line where your cup meets your breast.

4. The straps should be adjusted to feel supportive without digging in. Your shoulders should not take the weight of your bust (that’s what your snug back band is for!)

Whether you’re going strapless for a garden party or need a bra with no visible lines to nail that day-at-the-races frock, head in store to Bravissimo – just like I did – to find the perfect bra and you’ll be ticking off this summer’s key trends in no time!

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By Lucy Wood