We’ve Found The World’s Most Amazing Jumpsuit!

Where would our wardorbes be without a jumpsuit? Whether it’s day or night, an all-in-one is the ultimate throw-on fix that’s just somehow always a winner. Wide-legged, backless, halterneck, strapless; the infinite options available mean you could literally have a onesie for every occasion. Of course, we’ll always love a frock. But for those days when you just don’t know what to wear, a jumpsuit ticks all the right boxes. Agreed? Well, we’ve got some incredible news for you. We’ve found The One.

That’s right, you can call off the search. We have found the one and only jumpsuit you will ever need to buy, and for under £70 to boot. Because not only is this timeless black number from M&S the perfect figure flatterer, it also has a multiway function meaning you can wear it five different ways. FIVE!

Honestly, we wonder how we ever lived without such an item. Whether you go for halterneck, sleeveless, bandeau, asymmetric or loose sleeves, this beauty will cater for anything and everything. But particularly sartorial-related emergencies. It works by simply altering the top half- you just wrap the straps whichever way you want them. And, as it’s such a classic colour and has a loosely tailored fit, this jumpsuit will work from desk to disco, no questions asked.

Wear it bandeau and layered over a crisp white shirt for an unexpected new workwear formula, or choose criss-cross back straps for a night out. We even reckon that the asymmetric neckline would work well for a wedding- just pair with a pretty patterned jacket and coloured courts.

See what we mean? This is the most versatile item of clothing we could ever possibly own! God bless Marks & Spencer, is all we can say. At £69, this all-in-one has the most amaing cost-per-wear potential, too. Talk about a purse-friendly purchase. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You better get in there quick, before we’ve bought the lot…

By Hannah Banks-Walker