Are You Putting On Your Bra The Right Way?

How do you put your bra on?

Sounds like a pretty silly question, right? But we’ll bet it’s got you thinking… You may even be miming the movements at your desk right now.

The internet has been buzzing with the debate. Some put it on from the front and do it up behind their backs (what is this next level of coordination? And where can we buy it?), others do the swivel manoeuvre (the general consensus in LOOK HQ).

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For those of you that are unfamilar, this super special technique involves clasping at the front – because, eyes are a great benefit – and then turning your bra around so that it can cup your bosoms the right way.

It seems that this is the most common way. The debate was getting so intense that Buzzfeed decided to conduct a survey, with a whopping 55% adopting this self titled #LifeHack.

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The poll also found that 39% fasten it the ‘correct and proper’ way, AKA the reach-around, and 6% ‘do something else magical’. Interesting…

Instagram: @lovebravissimo


It’s odd to point out that most of us adopt these bra habits without being taught. And it also got thinking about other weird habits people have picked up – or heard about – when getting dressed in the AM.

We’ll take you through a couple of them that were whispered (anonymously) throughout our office. Because, LOL.

1. The big bra debate

As covered above.

Which camp do you fall into?

2. Make-up versus dressing

What’s the order?

One LOOK gal likes to put on her full outfit – heels included – as soon as she’s hopped out of the shower. We’d like to point out, this is BEFORE she’s even dryed her hair or started work on her make-up…

3. Tips for cleavage boosting

A few may have hinted at wearing bras a size smaller in order to make their lumps appear a little bigger…

We don’t recommend this for circulation. Or posture. And numb nipples may be a problem too.

We’d love to hear your habits…

By Laura Jane Turner