LOOK’S 25 Tips To Nailing Your Wedding Guest Chic

With wedding season fast approaching, we’re here to help you cure your wedding guest outfit fear. So whether you’re the oldest singleton there, are bound to bump into an ex, or have exhausted every available wardrobe option, check out our fail-safe tips and tricks to ensure you look amazing.

Only problem left now? Trying not to show-up the bride…

1. Wear shoes that you can wear all day and night, or take some flats with you. I still have a scar on my foot where I took my painful (but beautiful) shoes off at a friend’s wedding last year and trod in broken glass – ouch! Hannah Eichler, Junior Fashion Stylist

2. With the long-awaited Great Gatsby flick out this May, flapper fashion is key. Pick a Twenties or Thirties style and it’ll double up as an on-trend festive season frock too. Leonardo Dicaprio groom not included – sob… Lucy Wood, Senior Fashion News Editor

3. Having been a bridesmaid three times now (ssh, it doesn’t mean anything!) I’ve been lucky enough to escape the wedding guest dress drama, but for the three weddings I’ve got coming up this year I’ll definitely be avoiding the cliché pashmina and pearls in favour of pastel blazers and neon accessories for a modern, on-trend update on the traditional ‘guest’ outfit. Rebecca Martin, Online News Writer

4. Go vintage. There’s nothing worse than a same-dress situation, so make sure you check out your fave vintage haunts and charity shops to find a one-off with the wow factor. Believe me, you’ll get loads of compliments, and there’s a big chance you’ll end up saving money – bonus! Gemma Gow, Fashion News Writer

5. Standing around in scorching sunshine waiting for wedding photos to be taken is my idea of hell. I’m prone to sweat patches (and not just the armpit kind) so I tend to stick to light fabrics and prints which save me from feeling awkward and embarrassed. Although to be honest, the free bar probably does that anyway… Hannah Gale, Online Fashion And Beauty Assistant

6. Clutches are pretty and look elegant but make sure you get one with a chain handle too. That way you can hold the clutch nicely for photos, then put it over your shoulder when you’re disco dancing the night away. Maybe it’s the city girl in me, but I like to keep my bag where I can see it! Laura Crisp, Chief Sub Editor

7. If you’ve got loads of weddings in one summer (why does this always happen?!) then invest in one good quality dress that makes you feel good. Keep the style plain so you can dress it up with different accessories and cover-ups to make it look different evey time. Sophie Davis, Production Editor

8. Don’t ever get ready on a train, especially if you’re on said train with a hangover. It will ruin your day. In fact maybe just don’t drink the night before the big day… Sarah Kershaw, Senior Sub Editor

9. Don’t wear a fascinator or a ridiculously fancy hat if it’s not your thing just because you feel like you have to. Be comfortable, because the chances are, these wedding photos will be around for a long time to come, so you’ll want to look like your normal happy self in them! Lara Lain, Marketing Executive

10. Always find out what the bridesmaids are wearing, colour and style. There’s literally nothing worse than looking like you’re trying to be one of them. You’ll become that friend that didn’t get asked – so humiliating! Carly Giles, Designer

11. If you’ve got an amazing new dress and it’s still available to buy, there’s a good chance someone else will have it too. So I say, always take a back-up! This happened to me after I bought a brand new dress from Reiss. Thankfully I had a vintage dress in the car and was able to change into it the minute I saw another (absolutely stunning) girl wearing it – thank God for thinking ahead, eh? Devinder Bains, Features Editor

12. Wear wedges if it’s an outdoor wedding or your amazing stilettos will get ruined from sinking into the grass. Sarah Kershaw, Senior Sub Editor

13. Avoid looking too mother-of-the-bride by swerving match-matchy colours and prints for clashing ones instead. The good news is, clashing is huge for SS13, so you’ll be bang on-trend too. Gemma Gow, Fashion News Writer

14. Invest in a good manicure and pedicure, it’ll instantly boost your confidence every time you catch a glimpse of them. Plus, it’ll help pull together the overall outfit – my fave shades right now are violet and mink. Hannah Gale, Online Fashion And Beauty Assistant

15. Don’t attempt that whole dewy make-up look. Not unless you want to be remembered as the sweaty friend in all the photos… Laura Crisp, Chief Sub Editor

16. Be cautious when accessorising. Weddings are a great opportunity to work a statement piece like a hat, but let that take centre stage and hold back in other areas – you won’t need a necklace, earrings and bracelet too. Gemma Gow, Fashion News Writer

17. If you’re going to a summer wedding check out the beach ranges in your fave high street stores. They always have amazing maxi dresses designed to throw over your bikini that can easily double up as wedding guest dresses. Plus, it limits the chances of rocking up in the same dress as someone else! Sarah Ridge, Fashion News Assistant

18. Pack tissues and wear waterproof mascara. Even if you’re as about emotional as a rock, there’s always a chance you might well up during the ceremony and streaky make-up teamed with puffy eyes are a nightmare to fix. Lara Lain, Marketing Executive

19. I got a Coast dress from eBay last year and paid about a quarter of the price. Ok, so it was a season out, but the style and colour were timeless and the cut was so good I even got compliments from the bride. Moral of the story? eBay is a Godsend. Hannah Gale, Online Fashion And Beauty Assistant

20. Make sure your dress isn’t too low-cut if you’re going to a church wedding. I once bought a dress that seemed fine in the shop but when I put it on for the wedding something odd happened – it was suddenly obscene and definitely not appropriate for a Catholic church. People even commented when they saw the photos afterwards. You live and learn, eh… Laura Crisp, Chief Sub Editor

21. Last minute hair worries? Donut buns always work, plus they’re mega easy to do. Sarah Kershaw, Senior Sub Editor

22. Bring cute sunglasses in the summer. There’s bound to be loads of outside bits throughout the day, and without your sunnies you’ll look squinty in all the photos – not flattering. Sarah Kershaw, Senior Sub Editor

23. Don’t rule out black for a wedding. We all know the LBD is girls best friend, so just add colour with your accessories instead. You’ll feel comfortable, and look slimmer – what better combination when bumping into people from the past? Carly Giles, Designer

24. Stick to natural make-up during the day but take along the essentials for a smoky eye. That way you can take your look from day to night in the toilets in just a few minutes. It’s better than rocking an almost-drag queen look during the ceremony… Susie Verrill, Online Assistant

25. If all else fails, stick to a Fifties style dress with straps or short sleeves. It’s flattering, won’t fall down and the chances are you’ll end up wearing it again. Sarah Kershaw, Senior Sub Editor