We Tried The Kardashians’ Favourite Hair Extensions (And This Is What We Thought)

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the Kardashians have ah-mazing hair.

Kim Kardashian‘s thick, shiny tresses give us hair envy on a daily basis, while Khloe Kardashian‘s long, perfectly tousled locks have been the ‘do of our dreams for years.

So when we had the chance to try out the type of hair extensions loved by the Kardashian ladies themselves, we jumped at it. Because, obv. 

Weve tried all the hair extensions over here at LOOK HQ – from micro rings (when the hair extension is clamped onto your own strands using tiny copper rings) and glue-in extensions to non-permanent clip-ins. 

But at The Chelsea Hair Studio in London, hair extensions specialist Stephanie Pollard hooked us up with the new type of hair extension using luxury Zen extensions that’s coming in from LA and used by tonnes of celebs, which involves taping the extensions onto your hair.

khloe kardashian in blue silk plunging dress Khloe Kardashian has always relied on extensions to oomph up her locks


Let us explain. First, Stephanie colour matches your hair exactly to the Zen human hair extensions, meaning that even if you have highlights, you’ll still end up with a perfect blend. Win.

Then, she takes a small section of your hair and positions it in between two pieces of taped hair extensions before pressing together to secure. The extensions are pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive which lasts for 6-8 weeks. Stephanie refers to this taping process as ‘Volumeze Plus’.

Stephanie will apply around 40 single hair extensions to your locks (depending on the thickness of your hair), and we have to say – the results are AMAZING.

zen hair extensions We emerged from the salon with super long, thick and shiny tresses thanks to Zen hair extensions


We emerged with the fullest, swishiest and lightest head of thick, silky tresses that we’ve ever had, and basically felt just like Kate Beckinsale’s hair twin.

The Zen extensions feel so weightless that it’s hard to believe they’re even there, and the careful application means they don’t pull on the root of your own hair resulting in zero damage to your natural locks.

Tape-in hair extensions only take around 40 minutes to put in, compared with other types of extensions that can take up to three hours, so it’s a much more efficient system.

As for the after-care, you can sleep in them with no issues, wash and style them as normal (just make sure to use plenty of conditioner and oil to keep them super shiny) and can even tie your hair up if you like. Just maybe no top knots for the first few weeks.


The Chelsea Hair Salon in London The Chelsea Hair Salon in London – gorgeous, no?



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So what’s the catch? Well, Kim Kardashian-style super locks don’t come cheap. A full head of Zen extensions can cost anything from £250 to £550. You will also need to get them moved up every two months or so, which will set you back another £250, but Zen hair extensions are such good quality that you can re-use them over and over again for about a year. 

It’s a splurge. But if you’ve got the cash and long to own dreamy, A-list hair, you definitely won’t regret it.

kate beckinsale hair extensions Yep, even Kate Beckinsale uses hair extensions. Because no natural hair can be *that* perfect